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Vein Experts - Dr. Adelman

Dr. Adelman is a member of Vein Experts.

Dr. Richard Adelman is among the first physicians in the nation to receive board certification from the American Board of Phlebology. His certification is a direct reflection of his skill, knowledge, and experience in providing quality patient care, and his continued commitment to the advancement of vein care.   He has years of experience and has performed hundreds of Endovenous Ablation Laser treatments for Varicose Veins. He also treats spider, reticular, perforator veins and others.

A “consultation” is necessary before planning any medically necessary treatments. This visit includes a more extensive examination, symptom assessment, medical history, and analysis of any previous testing results. We will also discuss symptom management, treatment recommendations and potential risks and benefits. Documentation will be placed in your medical record for insurance pre-authorizations; we will also send it to your referring physician.

You will have the chance to speak with an insurance specialist about recommended treatments and your insurance benefits. Once your treatment plan is approved with your insurance company, we will call you to schedule your appointment.

Varicose veins are the blue or purplish enlarged veins you typically see bulging out of one’s leg. The word “varicose” is derived from the Latin root word “varix,” which is translated in English as “twisted.” Any vein in your body may become varicose, however, it’s important to note that varicose veins exist most often in the legs and feet.

For many men and women, varicose veins and spider veins (these are the smaller and more common variation of varicose veins) make them feel less attractive but can also cause aching, pain and discomfort. This condition may lead to serious problems if not treated. Moreover, varicose veins may also serve as an indication that the individual is at a higher risk of other disorders of the circulatory system.

Varicose Veins

Spider Veins

Spider veins are very thin, visible veins that may be an indication of a deeper vein problem or simply a cosmetic issue. They most commonly occur on the legs but are sometimes also found on the face, hands, or other areas of the body. Spider veins can occasionally be painful and cause other symptoms, such as itching, burning, or heaviness in the legs. Both men and women may suffer from spider veins, but they are more commonly seen in women.

Spider veins can be caused by the backup of blood. They can also be caused by hormone changes, pregnancy, prolonged standing or sitting. Wearing compression hose may minimize unwanted blood vessels from developing on the legs.