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It is important to see a doctor to diagnose your skin type. These products are formulated for use under a doctor’s supervision. Once you visit Dr. Adelman and get a skin type diagnosis, he will prescribe a skincare regimen for you and give you a code that will allow you to shop here. Skin & Vein MD is a Skin Type Solutions Physician Partner.

Good skin care is a foundation for maintaining your skin. Get great products for your Skin Type the first time! After you take a 4 minute questionnaire, you will know your Baumann Skin Type and discover the products that are best for you! No other approach to skin care evaluates a wide range of products by test subjects with your same skin type.

This approach greatly reduces the risk of buying products that will not be suitable for your skin.  Products are in stock in our Panama City skin care clinic for your immediate purchase at a discount to MSRP or we will ship to other locations.

Get medical advice on the following topics:

Skin Type Chart

Visit Skin Type Solutions for more information.

Typical Regimens will include a cleanser either for oily, dry or sensitive skin, a moisturizer, anti-oxidants and anti-acne and serums as needed.

Sunscreen is generally recommended in the morning and retinols are encouraged in the evening.