Tumescent Liposuction Treatments

Liposuction is a great way to sculpt the body and remove pockets of stubborn fat. It has evolved to become a standard office procedure offering the safety of local anesthesia and potent results.

Tumescent Liposuction or “Liposculpture”

Tumescent Liposuction allows the surgeon to target specific areas with much greater accuracy and control. The first step is placing the dilute lidocaine in the fatty pocket until it is tense. Tumescent means tense. Everyone has a maximum lidocaine limit based on size, weight and body composition that is never exceeded. This is what gives local anesthesia its inherent safety as long as no respiratory depressants are also given. The next step is removal of the fat which is accomplished using small tubes called cannulas that are typically 3 mm in diameter.

This is typically a slow process and it takes a craftsman’s  personality and sculpter’s eye for the best results. A vibrating handpiece may be used help gently release the fat. Step three is to have the patient stand or sit up so that a good evaluation of the result can be seen and immediately fine tuned. This is something that can never happen with an unconscious patient!

Liposuction for Weight Loss

The idea of liposuction is appealing when we notice unwanted bulges and fat in areas that look unflattering. Liposuction ideally is not used for large weight loss but rather stubborn areas in individuals that are near normal weight. Obesity is better addressed by lifestyle changes and eliminating hormonal problems.

Speedy Recovery

Recovery from lipo is relatively quick and easy. Expect some swelling and bruising following the lipo surgery. The patient will be required to wear a compression garment to minimize swelling and provide support for about 5-7 days after their lipo.

Healing and Post-Surgery Activity

Results are recognizable almost immediately. The swelling will subside and the patient will recognize a vast improvement throughout the healing phase. Clients walk out of the office and remain active during the entire recovery period. Many clients return to the office or work in 1-2 days, depending on what type of job requirements they have. More active jobs may require more down-time, per the doctor’s discretion.

Refined Body Image and a Path to a Newer You, Through Liposuction

Tumescent Liposuction or “Liposculpture” cannot be used as a remedy for obesity, poor eating habits/lifestyle or as a method for weight loss but lipo can help you shape your body into a more desired figure and give you that boost of self confidence to live a healthy lifestyle.

For a lot of patients the results achieved with lipo cannot be achieved with dieting and exercise alone. Liposuction offers a solution for those “problem areas”. “You are born with a predetermined number of fat cells in each area of your body, there is no variation, there is no replication of remaining cells or re-growth of cells or migration of cells to the area,”  Once the fat is gone – they are gone. There is some possibility for minor weight gain in the post-surgery area, but if there is dramatic weight gain after the lipo procedure, it will most likely be gained elsewhere in the body where the fat cells are most densely populated, not where the lipo procedure was performed.


Tumescent Liposuction or Liposculpture is very effective; therefore, the need for a redo or second lipo surgery in the same area is rare. With this newer lipo procedure, the result is much smoother with less buckling of the skin, which is why redoing an area would be more predominant in the past with traditional Liposuction.

Tumescent Liposuction Treatment before and after



Dr. Adelman practices the micro-cannular lipo technique or cross-hatching technique. Liposuction instruments are three millimeters or smaller in diameter, which means the incisions are so tiny, that no stitches are necessary. After the post-operational drainage occurs (lasts from one to seven days, depending on the individual) the small incisions close on their own leaving virtually no scars. With tumescent lipo’s micro-incision sites and practice of the cross hatching technique, the defects – such as ripples, dimples, lumps, bumps and scar tissue left behind, are dramatically reduced along with lipo revisions and touch-ups.

“Awake” Lipo

With Tumescent Lipo, the patient is alert and can respond to the physician’s requests and one of the biggest advantages to this procedure is that the patient is able to stand up and re-evaluate the areas before finishing and going home. Getting the patient in that same position allows for better symmetry, and hence, greater satisfaction with their lipo procedure, overall. The tumescent lipo technique also allows for the muscle tissue to react as well, so the physician has firm delineation between the fat and other tissue for improved instrument guidance and safety.

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