New Clinic Location Added

Dr. Adelman’s medical practice now has a new Northwest Florida home — 824 Ohio Ave Lynn Haven. The office is reached through the north side entrance of the Mullin’s Pharmacy building. We will be offering all services again soon including vein work, lasers and cosmetic procedures.  My top focus in the coming years is to offer combined minimally invasive techniques for cosmetic restoration and maintenance. We are adding pain prevention measures to make a more comfortable experience despite doing “bigger things” for bigger results!  Dr Adelman  just attended the Orlando Cosmetic Dermatology Conference with Dr.  Martin Braun – who shared his no nonsense and amazing perspective on cosmetic restoration. The month before he spent 2 days at conference with Dr. Steve Mullholland getting his perspective on combined radiofrequency modalities.  In March there will be a threadlift course because I believe threads can supplement volume restoration.

New Associations

In Panama City Dr. Adelman will take advantage of the new association (see below) with Michelle and Rachel by referring patients for more focused care whenever appropriate with your permission.

Phone Information

CALL: 850 747 8346  still works but it is forwarded to a cellphone. Landlines are expected in a couple more weeks.

Michelle Hines-Bautista ARNP (hormone specialist) and Rachel Spikes ARNP (family practice) share the space as well.  (update Feb. 5: Rachel has moved to a new location)

850 215 4455 is their main line but its a single line and you are likely to have to leave a message until more lines are installed (promised soon but who knows)