HGH is increased by Sarcotropin

Sarcotropin is a medical food that is manufactured in an FDA approved facility in the U.S. and contains ingredients that support a youthful body composition. Medical foods such as Sarcotropin require that a patient be under the ongoing care of a physician.

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HGH boosted 17% at 90 days


Clinical Trial Summay: Insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1) was significantly increased from 103.54 ± 1.94 ng/mL at baseline to 111.40 ± 2.01 ng/mL at day 45. Levels further increased to 120.47 ± 2.10 ng/mL after 90 days of treatment. In contrast, there were no significant changes in IGF-1 levels in subjects receiving placebo.

Body Mass Index (BMI) and total body water did not change significantly in either treatment or placebo groups during the course of study.

Total body fat was significantly decreased in the treatment group from 34.46 ± 1.23 % at baseline to 32.54 ± 1.04 % on day 45 and to 31.31 ± 1.11 % at the end of treatment. The decrease in body fat after 45 days of treatment was 5.57% and after 90 days it decreased 9.14%. Visceral fat decreased in the treatment group from 11.84 ± 0.66 % at baseline to 10.62 ± 0.66 % on day 45 and to 10.15 ± 0.67 % after 90 days of Sarcotropin administration. Visceral fat was reduced by 10.3% and 14.27% after 45 and 90 days of treatment, respectively. There were no changes in total or visceral body fat within the placebo group.

Muscle mass was significantly increased from 41.88 ± 1.28 Kg at baseline to 44.13 ± 1.24 Kg at the end of the 90 day treatment period. Lean body mass increased by 5.37% after 90 days treatment with Sarcotropin in comparison to placebo which was not associated with change in muscle mass.

Forced vital capacity (FVC) significantly increased by 16.61% after 90 days of Sarcotropin treatment. FVC was significantly increased from 71.84 ± 3.18 % at baseline to 73.60 ± 3.52 % on day 45 and to 83.77 ± 3.70 % on day 90. There were no changes in FVC in the placebo group throughout the course of study.

Sarcotropin Medical Food

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HGH may be measured indirectly by IGF-1 testing but because it falls as a consequence of aging — testing is not a prerequisite to the use of Sarcotropin.

Sarcotropin is perhaps best added after hormone replacement, diet and exercise have been optimized.

Sarcotropin may be useful when it is advantageous to avoid muscle wasting due to being sedentary.